What is expected of team members at HRM?

Pulling straight from our purpose statement, we do whatever it takes by working hard to make sure our guests have a great experience. We give more than is expected by humbly assuming the best of others and giving guests and teammates the benefit of the doubt. We are also long-term focused by investing in each other personally and professionally to produce guest experiences that keep them coming back again and again.

How many hours / days will I be expected to work?

The expected days and hours will vary according to position, season and employment status. Full-time team members work 40 hours weekly. For full-time team members, overtime may become available depending upon the season of the year. Overtime must be approved by management. Part-time team members work up to 28 hours weekly.

How soon will I be contacted after I submit my application?

Please know that we often receive hundreds of applications when we advertise an open position. Upon initial review of your application, if we feel that your experience, education or other qualities seem to point in the direction of you having the necessary skills, we will arrange for a phone interview. Upon completion of that screening telephone interview, you may be invited in for a face-to-face interview. This process may take up to one month after posting a position. If you do not hear from us, please note that we simply may have felt that there were better qualified candidates among the applications received. We will keep the resume or application on file for six months. After that time, you may feel free to re-submit a new application.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Please note that we want to learn about you! Be complete in your answers regarding your work and volunteer history, and write down the names of possible personal and professional references or other important qualities about yourself that you would like to share with us. We want to give you the best chance of success in the interview process. The more informative you can be about your accomplishments, the better! Many people ask how they should dress for the interview: We ask that you dress in a tasteful way, but suits, ties and other formal business attire is not necessary. We usually adopt a “business casual” type of dress. You may feel free to come dressed in that fashion, as well, for your interview.

What is your street address/phone number and fax number?

Hartville Hardware
1315 Edison Street NW
Hartville, OH 44632
P: 330-877-3631

Hartville Kitchen/The Shops
1015 Edison Street NW
Hartville, OH 44632
P: 330-877-9353

Hartville Marketplace
1289 Edison St. NW
Hartville, OH 44632
Phone: 330.877.9860